Any school has limitations on the number and types of courses and programs that it can offer its students. But learning does not begin and end at school, and today’s students have access to a wealth of learning materials freely available online. The Mountain Lakes High School Online Academy extends the reach of what our school has to offer by providing students with an opportunity to explore these resources and pursue learning that is personalized to their interests and needs. Whether studying subjects beyond a high school level, exploring potential topics for future careers, or digging deeper into an area of personal interest, the Online Academy gives students the chance to have a direct influence over what they learn and how they learn it.

Each student who is enrolled in the Online Academy will work one-on-one with the MLHS Educational Technology Specialist to develop a Personalized Learning Plan which meets his or her individual interests and needs. The plan will draw on a variety of online resources to create a comprehensive portfolio of coursework that will allow each student to study topics that are not available at MLHS or which are more advanced than our current offerings.

Here are some quick facts about the MLHS Online Academy:

  • Enrollment is offered to students in Grades 10 through 12 and runs for the length of a semester. (Note that some exceptions may be made for 9th grade students. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis).
  • The students’ Personalized Learning Plan will specify a variety of online resources which will be used to accomplish the student’s learning goal
  • Participation is subject to approval by the student’s guidance counselor and parent or guardian
  • Students will commit to spending a minimum of one free period per week working in the Online Academy Office
  • The majority of study time will be done outside of school according to a schedule determined by the student
  • Students are expected to participate in the Online Academy “Open House,” which is an event held each year in the Spring. This event gives students an opportunity to share what they have learned with parents and other invited guests
  • While no official school credit is given, successful completion will be acknowledged by the addition of “Online Academy” on the student’s transcript at the end of the semester in which they participated in the program

Please explore the site for more information about the Online Academy and check out our brochure below.

If you have any questions, contact Nancy Latimer, MLHS Educational Technology Specialist, at: nlatimer@mlschools.org